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# 3Bees Club

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Video Advertising Platform

A giveaway competition platform for users and a video advertising platform for advertisers. It's a match made in heaven. Welcome to 3Bees Club.

# Project features

  • Responsive Interface
  • High Security
  • Easy Functionality
  • Fully Automated
  • Custom Build
  • High Performance
  • Worldwide Compatibility
  • Success Orientated

# The objective

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The general idea

We're all sick of video advertising in our day-to-day lives. So much so, we've given up on them to the point where their effectiveness has become questioned. When commercials are aired on TV, for example, we tend to use that time to stretch our legs, pour a nice cup of tea or a quick trip to the restroom.
Online things are quite different. When we are looking for specific content, all we want to see is that content. An ad is shown before what we actually want to watch and, of course, we skip it.

We were approached by a budding entrepreneur with a completely new concept and a solution to video advertisers problems. The idea consisted of a never-seen-before formula to show video ads to those who are paying attention, those who are potentially interested in the product or service on offer, and where the ads don't get in the way. So, would it be possible to have the public actively wanting to view video ads on a daily basis? Turns out, it is! Welcome to 3Bees Club.

# The Journey

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The Build & Development

Creating an entirely new online concept is no easy task in any market. Great consideration and planning went into 3Bees Club to ensure both a great user experience and a viable marketing option for advertisers.

The build of a giveaway platform took on several new challenges. The interface itself was one of the most important factors of the 3Bees Club build, as it will rely on thousands of users on a daily basis. Optimization also took a different turn, as Search Engines were not the focus, but optimization for Social Media was necessary to ensure success.

The advertisers themselves were constantly in mind throughout the entire development of this project. New features and functions were being thought up by all members of Premier Digital Marketing and communicated with the client.

# The Results

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Mission Accomplished

We are all extremely proud with the development and launch of 3Bees Club. The video advertising/giveaway platform offers more opportunities for advertisers than any other platform worldwide, whilst keeping its users happy and returning time after time.

With more than 10,000 users within the first month, the success of 3Bees Club and its future has never looked brighter. Users are signing up every day for their chance to win some amazing prizes offered by the video advertisers in exchange for showing them their short commercials. The result is thousands of users who just cannot wait to view video ads online, as opposed to despising and skipping them. Mission Accomplished

# Company Feedback

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How did we do?

3Bees Club had this to say:
I've never known a team so dedicated to their work. I really had the feeling that Premier Digital Marketing cared about this project as well as its future. Felipe, the project manager, kept in constant communication offering new ideas and options almost every day. I couldn't be happier with the final product and the team should be very proud of themselves for such amazing work. The aftercare service is second to none as many members of Premier keep in contact with me offering ideas and advice. I honestly couldn't recommend them enough.

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