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# Performance eCommerce

There's more than just design and functionality in Performance eCommerce....


Performance, SEO & Interface

An eStore needs to perform on every level. Search Engines need to understand it, devices need to load it efficiently, and customers need to use it. Put all this together and you have Performance eCommerce.


Design & User Experience

The design and interface will tell customers most of what they need to know about the store, it's security and its trustworthiness. Want to make serious sales? Let's do this properly.


Performance Management

You're not going to want to work for your eStore, you'll want your eStore to work for you. Our custom built platforms take care of as much as they can on your behalf, leaving you to manage, not work.

# Full Optimization

When a developer talks about optimization, they're probably talking about search engines, right? Not us:

User experience (100%)
Functionality (100%)
Design (100%)
Psychology (100%)

With custom development, there are NO limits, so why not optimize for everything? Let's make it the best of the best.

A lot of psychology goes into Performance eCommerce. We are constantly thinking about how to increase conversion levels, how to make sales easier and how to ultimately make your eStore a pleasant place to shop

Sales flow through giving people what they want, when they want it.

Peter Jones

Very true words indeed. The whole idea of Performance eCommerce takes us though shopping habits, product placement and the most user friendly interfaces possible. Have a look for yourself:

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If you had a high-street store, you wouldn't forget to lock the door when you close for the night. So why should it be any different with your online store. No, we're not saying to close down for the night, but we are saying that appropriate security measures must be taken for the site, it's apps and especially for your shopping customers.

# Admin Experience

In the fairly distant future, we expect physical stores to be run by robots. Robot sales people, Robot Security Guards, Robot Checkouts and Robots running the administration. But that's just a dream of the future, right?

Well, thanks to some awesome developers and some far-fetched imagination, your online store can be run by robots - Virtual Robots. We develop custom eCommerce platforms capable of:

  • Automated Checkout
  • Automated Optimization
  • Automated Billing
  • Automated Stock Control
  • Automated Stock Re-Ordering
  • Automated Tax Calculations
  • Automated Product Featuring
  • Automated Advertising

In fact, we develop systems that run their own day-to-day operations, leaving you to do what you do best: Grow your business!

# Let's do this properly

When Ferrari build their Supercars, it's safe to assume they don't buy stock engines from VW, nor do they build it from a stock chassis from a Ford Focus. The same login applies to building your store. To ensure the very best results, only a 100% custom build will do.

With some of the best eCommerce developers in the world, we work from scratch, designing, programming and building an online business that will out-perform anything else out there. All aspects are thoroughly planned in the design stages and optimization starts from the beginning, resulting in a custom eCommerce platform which ranks well in Search Engines, and converts users into customers time and time again. That's the real meaning of Performance eCommerce!

# Platforms Vs Custom Builds

Pre-made platforms have their place. They provide a great way to build and publish an online store quickly and cheaply. However, their limited abilities, customization and performance leave much to be desired, and here's why:

Platforms such as Shopify or Wordpress have been built to give amateur users a chance to "drag-and-drop" and easily publish a website. Due to this fact, most websites produced through such platforms are remarkably similar, difficult to manage, limited in ability, limited in user experience and perform incredibly poorly. Ask yourself: "How often do I come across a Shopify store?" or: "Would I be comfortable buying from a WIX site?"

eCommerce Platforms VS custom build
0% Finance Available

# 0% Finance

Intrest free finance for your eCommerce project.

Finance Icon
Intrest Free!

Any start-up is going to be costly, so we are now offering 0% finance to give you a helping hand. Payments can be made monthly over a maximum of 5 years, freeing up funds that should be invested in the business. Monthly payments will start 1 month after the project is launched, giving you the opportunity to earn it before spending it.

Montly Payment Icon
No credit checks

We administer the finance ourselves, so you don't have to worry about low credit or outstanding loans. Finance is given for the business itself, so there's no risk of losing your home either. All we ask is that you can afford the payments once the business is launched, and we won't start your monthly payments until 30 days after your eCommerce project has launched.

# Recent Projects

Just a small taste of what we've been up to lately:

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