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# CostaTicket

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A Premium eCommerce Site

CostaTicket is the leading ticket sales platform in Spain. CostaTicket has been around since 2012 and boasts the safest ticket site and lowest attraction tickets guaranteed.

# Project features

  • Supreme Security
  • Friendly Interface
  • Full Automation
  • Elegant Design
  • Speed & Ease Optimized
  • Communications
  • Custom Build
  • High Performance
  • Worldwide Compatibility
  • Success Orientated

# The objective

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The general idea

CostaTicket has always been known for their easy-to-use platforms and secure booking/checkout systems. Matching and improving their already excellent reputation would never be easy, so officials at CostaTicket contacted us for a complete revamp of their site and applications.

# The Journey

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The Build & Development

A complete and customized build like this takes a lot of planning, expertise and time. The CostaTicket brand needed to be represented at the highest level, as they’re used to. Extra attention to security was always a top priority for CostaTicket and user experience needed to be at the base of the build.
With automated systems and an easy-to-manage custom interface, the new CostaTicket site really shows why they are number one for attraction tickets in Spain.

# The Results

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Mission Accomplished

Our programmers, designers and consultants have showed their full potential with this project. The end result was an up-to-date platform which, not only looks great, but works first time, every time. CostaTicket leaves no room for error, and neither did we. We are3 all very proud of this build and foresee CostaTicket a bright and successful future.

# Company Feedback

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How did we do?

CostaTicket had this to say:
We view security as our number one priority. It always scares me when big changes take place in our systems, this was no exception (at first).
PDM were amazing. They listened to my requirements, my worries and my suggestions, assuring me all the way. The switchover to the new site happened smoothly and I couldn't be happier with the final application. Well done PDM

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