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# Sinatra Studios

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A Corporate Site

Sinatra Studios is one of the leading Photography Studios and modeling agencies in the UK. See what we did to create a website that represents their awesome brand.

# Project features

  • Elegant Design
  • Premium Interface
  • Secure
  • Optimized
  • Custom Build
  • High Performance
  • Worldwide Compatibility
  • Success Orientated

# The objective

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The general idea

Sinatra Studios is one of the most prestigious Photography Studio and Model Agency in the UK. When they came to Premier Digital Marketing for a corporate website to represent their brand, we needed to make sure that we're top of our game. Their reputation proceeds them in the photography world, so it was up to us to make sure that their website is as great as the images they create.

# The Journey

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The Build & Development

Creating such an elegant website to represent one of the leading brands in the industry was never going to be easy, especially within the limited time period.
Many decisions were changed over and over again during this build, creating a challenging environment here at Premier Digital Marketing. Fortunately, I think we pulled it off...

# The Results

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Mission Accomplished

Our designers and Interface programmers really went to work on this project. Resulting in a superb corporate website for Sinatra Studios, this site excellently represents the brands style and elegance. A beautiful simplicity has been incorporated into this project, leaving users in no doubt why Sinatra Studios is the leading agency in the UK.

# Company Feedback

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How did we do?

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